Visual Story Cards

Visual Story Cards
A tool for supporting collaborative, creative conversations in a wide variety of situations.
The images contained in Visual Story Cards provide a visual vocabulary that helps us express ourselves via metaphor, intuition and emotion.
When to Use Visual Story Cards:
Because of their versatility and ability to engage all kinds of people, Visual Story Cards are widely used in organizations, companies, government, communities, schools, and coaching relationships. The outcome is simple -­‐ better conversations about things that matter!
There are two distinct card decks. You can mix and match if you want more than 48 cards, want a wider variety of images to work with, or are working with a group of over 20 individuals.



Nature-Based Story Cards

Evocative images of animals, plants, and the interactions of people with nature.


Everyday Shapes and Objects Story Cards

Colour, texture, pattern, and shape combine to take these images from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Each card deck contains:
  • 48 (4” x 4”) Visual Story Cards
  • A Facilitator’s Guide with framing questions and sample processes
  • A bright fabric bag with Velcro closure to easily store and transport the cards